Two Greek Women
Theia Mimi Says
This vasilopeta is made by the nuns of the Holy Protection Monastery in White Haven, PA. It's a wonderful place to visit to pay homage to our Lord but also to purchase beautiful icons.  The nuns will also custom make an icon of your patron saint.

Wedding Planning for the new year.

Maybe you were lucky enough to get the lucky coin from the vasilopeta or maybe you got something a bit shinier.  A diamond ring perhaps?  Congratulations!!! Sto galo!

Planning a Greek Wedding involves both families so you want to make it as stress free as possible.  Everyone from your aunts, cousins, godmother, yiayia, future mother in law and most importantly your mother will be giving you advice.  Of course you say this is your with anything else if you were brought up greek (or even part greek) everyone else knows the "best way" to do everything.  

First of all enjoy the well wishes and being in the limelight.  The first question will be which church will you marry in.  If you happen to be from the same community that makes it easy, but that is also very rare these days.  Discussion over "My church or his church" but of course "the Greek Church" may cause a feud that will last until your first child is baptized. 

We have found that many brides get so excited about the dress, venue, flowers and forget about the most important aspects of a greek wedding.  The symbols of the sacrament have true meaning and may be customized to be integrated into your day. So don't leave it up to your mother or koumbaro's mother. Over time the band will be forgotten and the dress will go into storage.  However, your stefana will always be displayed in your stefanothiki (greek wedding case) and your boubouniers tend to be saved in someone's china cabinet.  

Get involved and plan early so that your day is truly memorable.

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