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Who gets the lucky coin? Jan 11, 2015 »

Many of us know of the Greek tradition of the Vasilopeta.  Actually if you don't, then you are NOT Greek.  My kids really look forward to the cutting of the bread so I have to get at least two loaves for the holiday.  The first we will bring to the party we are attending and the second for home.  

Bringing a Vasilopeta to a New Year's Eve celebration and cutting it at midnight seems to be more fun when there are guests who don't know anything about our traditions.  This year my…

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Wedding Planning for the new year. Jan 02, 2015 »

Maybe you were lucky enough to get the lucky coin from the vasilopeta or maybe you got something a bit shinier.  A diamond ring perhaps?  Congratulations!!! Sto galo!

Planning a Greek Wedding involves both families so you want to make it as stress free as possible.  Everyone from your aunts, cousins, godmother, yiayia, future mother in law and most importantly your mother will be giving you advice.  Of course you say this is your with anything else if you were…

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Greek Festival in Danbury, CT Jun 07, 2014 »

Our displays are a real eye catcher at festivals.  

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Mixed Marriages Dec 16, 2013 »

This lovely couple was married Saturday, December 7th, 2013 at St. Sophia Greek Orthodox Cathedral in Washington. The Rev. Steven Zorzos, a Greek Orthodox priest, performed the ceremony.

The bride is Greek Orthodox and although the husband is not, it did not stop them from keeping the Greek traditions strong and celebrating with an Orthodox ceremony.

Please click on this link to read the entire article! Ideal Candidates for Romance

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Baptizing Twins Oct 03, 2013 »

We have been asked to create a special day for twins, each nouna wants their candle to be special however, they want to complement the entire theme.  Flowers and butterflies go beautifully together.  However we just learned that one priest had asked that there be two bottles of olive oil.  NO SHARING amoung the twins.  Hmmmmm... good advice father, we will be sure to tell everyone.  

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