Orthodox Weddings

Greek Wedding Sparkle! From the crowns on the bride and groom's head to the tables filled with flowers and boubounieres.  The silver wedding tray on the altar is adorned with stefana, candles, koufeta, and rice, ready to crown the queen and king of the newly formed family.  

Wedding Crowns - Stefana »

Your wedding crowns are the most important part of your wedding. Without them you are NOT married. Brides and Koumbari should work together to find the perfect piece.

Custom designed and handcrafted by twogreekwomen we offer original modern designs and traditional imported stefana from Greece.

Complete your crowns with silver tray, and matching candles. Most importantly the perfect wedding gift, a Stefanothike (display case) to preserve and display them.

This is one of the most precious gifts…

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Stefana Imported from Greece »

Although we specialize in custom made stefana, we wanted to give our brides and koumbari more choices to make their Greek Wedding a special event.  

We can match candles to these stefana, add a beautiful silver tray, and package them ready for the altar.  

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Stefanotheki Crown Cases »

Our latest design. The flowers are really more like dancing dolphins.

The perfect gift. We have the largest inventory IN STOCK to choose from. Ready to ship immediately.

The case for the greek wedding crowns allows you to preserve and display them in your home. This is a symbol that the husband and wife are the king and queen of their own kingdom.

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Wedding Candles/Lambades »

Greek Wedding candles are designed in White, Bridal White or Ivory, Silver or Gold, Diamonds or Pearls. We will design the candle for your unique style and traditions. We have all candles in stock.

twogreekwomen also offers ivory dripless candles. Please be sure to let us know your preference.

Wedding Candes are available in a large 32 inch for the altar and 24 inch for the bride and groom to carry during the ceremony.

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Wedding Trays »

Silver trays are a traditional gift from the Koumbari and are a necessity for a Greek Orthodox wedding. The priest places the tray on a small table at the front of the church for the ceremony. The crowns are laid on the tray complete with rice and koufeta.

The rice which guests sprinkle on the newlyweds during the sacrament is a prayer for the couple to take root and have a happy, blessed, blossoming, thriving life together. It also includes the wish for the couple to create their own…

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Boubouneires/Party favors »

Athena planted the first olive tree at the base of the Acropolis. Poseidon tried to drown it, but the tree did not succumb. Olive leaves represent strength, peace, and love.

twogreekwomen can work within any budget or color palette. Let us know what you like and your timeframe and we can have it shipped off to you.

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