White or Ivory
2 - 24 inch wedding candles for Bridge and Groom
14 inch diameter nickel plated wedding tray
Double wrap pearl Stefana
Marital Common Cup

Price:  $255
Without Cup:  $215

The Wedding Tray

Silver trays are a traditional gift from the Koumbari and are a necessity for a Greek Orthodox wedding. The priest places the tray on a small table at the front of the church for the ceremony. The crowns are laid on the tray complete with rice and koufeta.

The rice which guests sprinkle on the newlyweds during the sacrament is a prayer for the couple to take root and have a happy, blessed, blossoming, thriving life together. It also includes the wish for the couple to create their own family.

The custom behind Bomboniere or Koufeta Party Favor, originated 300 years ago in ancient Greece. Bomboniere were given to the guests as a thank you. Wedding Bomboniere consist of an uneven number of sugar coated almonds (usually 5), representing the bittersweet life of a married couple. The 5 almonds have a significant meaning wishing the new husband and wife happiness, health, wealth, children and a long life.

Every wedding ceremony must include a "silver tray". Today's couples don't want to do the polishing. We have access to many styles. These best sellers are currently in stock.