These stefana will match any wedding dress.  Small rice seeds and flowers.  Calla lily with tiny rhinestone.  Match with decorated candles and tray.

Stefana and Stefanothikes

Your wedding crowns are the most important part of your wedding. Without them you are NOT married. Brides and Koumbari should work together to find the perfect piece.

Custom designed and handcrafted by twogreekwomen we offer original modern designs and traditional imported stefana from Greece.

Complete your crowns with silver tray, and matching candles. Most importantly the perfect wedding gift, a Stefanothike (display case) to preserve and display them.

This is one of the most precious gifts you can give.

Greek Wedding Crowns, Stefana. Crystals, pearls, stephanotis, roses, flowers, olive branches, white or ivory, silver or gold. We can coordinate your candles to match. Make sure to choose a beautiful tray and some boubous for your guests, modern or traditional. Everything you need for your traditional greek wedding.