What is the meaning of Matyrika and when do you give them to guests? 

Many families have different traditions.  Some hand them out as guests leave the church or at the reception.  No matter when you do it, guest are eager to wear them.

Martyrika Witness Pins Baptism Personalized

These lapel pins are worn by the guests as proof of witnessing the baptism. The traditional martiriko features a simple cross with a pin and ribbon with the baby's name, birthdate, godparents name and baptism date. We recommend the highest quality printing to minimize fading and machine cuts to eliminate fraying as many people keep martyrika as mementos.

Your choice of ribbons, lettering color, and accent. Coordinate all your church accessories.

More elaborate pins can be made, however, according to Greek custom a cross and evil eye should not be worn together.

Matyrika are small lapel pins worn by guests to show they have witnessed the greek orthodox baptismal ceremony. They traditional have the baby's name, birthdate, baptismal date and name of the Godparents custom printed.