Baptisms bring great happiness to the Greek family. Family and friends celebrate the "rebirth" of the young child and the birth of the new relationship with the godparent. It is the responsibility of the "nouna & nouno" to purchase the child's new clothing, the cross, special oil and a baptismal set which includes everything necessary for the sacrament of chrismation.

New Designs

Many of us remember these witness pins from our past.  We can customize the center pouf and personalize the ribbons.  Surprise your guest with these very unique pins.  
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Lambades/Candles »

After lighting the decorated baptismal candle, the priest, the godparent holding the infant, and children carrying similar candles, walk around three times; symbolizing a dance of joy for the new Christian who has been added to the church.  

Baptism cleanses the soul of the original sin transmitted by Adam and Eve when they disobeyed God.  

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Martyrika Witness Pins - Martyrika »

These lapel pins are worn by the guests as proof of witnessing the baptism. The traditional martiriko features a simple cross with a pin and ribbon with the baby's name, birthdate, godparents name and baptism date. We recommend the highest quality printing to minimize fading and machine cuts to eliminate fraying as many people keep martyrika as mementos.

Your choice of ribbons, lettering color, and accent. Coordinate all your church accessories.

More elaborate pins can be made, however,…

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Baptism Outfits »

We couldn't possibly carry all these beautiful clothes and accessories in every size. Take your time and review the catalogue. Contact us with model number and size and we will get back to you immediately. Baptism Outfit will arrive within two weeks.

Baptism Outfit Catalogue

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Church Service Set »

It is the godparent's responsibility to provide the following for the church service:

  • 1 White Oil Sheet
  • 1 White Bath Towel
  • 2 White Hand Towels
  • 1 Small bottle of Olive Oil
  • 1 Bar Soap
  • Baby's first T-shirt (let us know boy or girl and the size)
  • Oil Cap (one size)

$95 for basic white in a simply decorated white box.

Custom embroidery available at reasonable prices with fast turnaround. See samples in the gallery.

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Boubouneires/Party favors »

These favors can be handed out by selected assistants in the narthex as guest leave the church or given at the reception. Many times they are used to help decorate the tables, so it's important that the boubous are designed to match your theme.

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