Religious Gifts


Gifts for Godparents are really hard to find. How many times do we hear "Don't get me anything." twogreekwomen will continue to search for wonderful Godmother and Godfather gifts. Some of these items may be used as party favors. For a small additional fee, we will customize packages to include the traditional Jordan almonds.

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Godmother Love

12 oz. ceramic mug, cream & silver, give kisses and hugs.
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Godfather Love

12oz Coffee Mug, teaching love. $14
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Godparents Picture Frame

Me and My Godparents. Holds 4 x 6 photo, cream with silver cross. $25
Godparents Gift
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True Faith Picture Frame

Silver Cross with small crystals, stands on ball feet. $11
True Faith
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Mindful Love

Trunks up means good luck. Great for a Wishing Well or a party favor. $10 set
Salt Pepper Shakers
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Ringholder Party Favor

Lovely shower or wedding party favor. Comes in delicate color shades. $5.50